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What we do

What we do

Sangam attempts to spread awareness about child development and welfare via

1. SANGAM Magazine

Sangam will publish a state-wise magazine which will consist of details regarding the children homes that lie in that area.

Details include:

a. Contact details of the children homes.

b. Information regarding donation process in that respective children home.

c. Activities undertaken by that children home (in brief).

The magazine will be distributed all over India. For that purpose, 40-45 centres will be chosen as the radii for the distribution channels. The area lying within a range of 50-100 kms near that centre will be getting the Sangam magazine of that radii.


Electronic media includes presence on the following social media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

These will showcase the various updates on the SANGAM initiative. Also including numerous articles and stories related to this child development program.

Through this project, awareness would be spread on how to help the children and where to help them.


Keeping Child development in mind, the project initiates various training modules which seek to impart vital training to the children homes in terms of better learning & educating them towards being self-reliant. Some of the training modules initiated are:

Training programs for better understanding of concepts like:

a. Training on understanding the guidelines mentioned in the Juvenile Justice Act 2000.

b. Maintaining financial statements such as payments and receipt account, balance sheet etc

c. Infrastructure development (how to improve the existing facilities provided; support in setting up a new home).

d. Legal knowledge related to child welfare (government-related conditions to be fulfilled).

4. Proposition Letters to Government officials