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Unanswered Questions Of A Girl

Unanswered Questions Of A Girl

Unanswered Questions Of A Girl

May 31, 2014

“Feel for the feelings of a girl child, as she too has a beating heart and is made of blood and flesh not of bricks and stones!”

The so called modern world facing ahead towards growth in terms of technology, in terms of innovation and in terms of written policies. If I ask, ‘Is there a policy made for the rights of a girl child?’ Yes, the answer would be, there are a hell lot of policies generated on papers every second month. But, I would rather like to ask from my readers how many of these policies are really incorporated in the real world. In other words virtual world is different from the real world.

The most important question that I would like to ask from my readers is- why there generated a need for creating policies for women rights or girl child rights, when God created two genders which complement each other. Can you imagine the existence of this world without a girl? Can only men create a world full of life? It is the womb of a female that shelters a man even before he is born. It is a woman who is considered to be a mother, who takes pain and stands alone for the rights of her kids.

Again a very harsh question from the woman itself - being a woman why does she not understand the pain of another woman and value her own girl child? Why she never thinks of her own trouble, pains, and frustrations before she starts discriminating between her own children? Why a woman forgets her own days of pain and sufferings, when she starts torturing her own daughter in law? Why she forgets that once she too was at that stage at which her daughter in law is standing today?

Again a more harsh question from this society - why there came up a dying need of women security or why parents are to worry about the safety of a girl child? From whom do we really want to protect ourselves? From animals or animal turned human beings? Why, before teasing a woman or a girl, a man or a boy can never think of the safety of his own wife, mother or sister?

I want to plead to my readers to read this article twice and try to search the answers. I want my readers not to think that the chain of my questions ended with these few questions. There is a lot more I need to ask and discuss about them.

While writing this article I almost cried, but, the question is - Could my readers feel anything about what I am trying to say while reading the above written questions? Think about all that I have written and I will catch you shortly with real world stories that are connected with all those above asked questions.

Finally! A question for myself - Why I thought of writing this article?
There is a lot to say........... a lot to express ..... Almost a storm of feelings.... But, I shall take a pause now and let my feeling flow in my upcoming article.

About the Author: Mr. Avinash Jain

Unanswered Questions Of A Girl

Mr. Avinash Jain (Managing Director, Arise India Ltd) has been awarded 'Pride of the Country' and 'Bharat Ratna Human Rights' awards. He has made it his life's mission to improve the conditions of young orphaned children using his initiatives in Sangam.