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Sweet Home Event, 29th June

Visiting Kingdom of Dreams with Sweet Home children

By Visiting Kingdom of Dreams with Sweet Home children and Arise
India Family Members, Mr. Avinash Jain connects to God

“What is life without a liberal spread of happiness”, a famous quote goes. While some people get happiness by earning material things for themselves, others gather that happiness by doing small things for others. For them, the smile and satisfaction on the face of others is the greatest gratification in life, and they are forever thankful to the Lord for enabling them with resources to bring happiness to the world.

Such is the philosophy of Arise India and its mentor Mr. Avinash Jain that he seeks to go that extra mile to bring happiness onto the faces of underprivileged children of The Sweet Home by doing things that make them smile, and be happy. Such an extra mile was travelled yesterday when Mr. Jain took the children of Sweet Home along with Arise India employees on a day out at the mesmerizing Kingdom of Dreams at Gurgaon.

A place to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, the children and employees of the humane organisation spent one of the best days of their lives at the Kingdom of Dreams partaking the fun and frolic of the buzzing place. From lunches that were eaten together, and visits to the varied stalls to enjoy their offerings; all the members of the Arise India family were seen enjoying each other’s company and celebrating the moment called ‘Life’.

Watching the rib-tickling comedy ‘Jhumroo’ based on the life of evergreen singer Kishore Kumar; the family members enjoyed every aspect of the play and sang along famous songs from ‘Mera Saamne Wali Khidki’ to ‘Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si’. In fact some children and members even broke into impromptu dance bringing the house down. And for Mr. Jain, the satisfaction of watching his family members having fun was a way to connect with God. After all, it is well known that God resides in the smiles of happy children, for they are the personification of Almighty himself.

A day that will remain etched in the memory of every Arise India family member for long, is just a way for Mr. Jain to thank God for being benevolent upon him and making him able to bring happiness to the lives of people who for themselves are the greatest gifts of God.