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Sinful Stories of Sinless Souls

Sinful Stories of Sinless Souls

Story 1

Madhya Pradesh…

A 12-year old girl was found near New Delhi railway station along with her mentally incapable mother and a 3 years old brother by the police at the railway station.

The mother was admitted to a mental hospital for treatment and both the kids were handed over to the Sweet Home by the Child Welfare Committee for their nutrition and educational needs.

The girl had a tragic story.

They belonged to Madhya Pradesh. She told us that back at home when she was just five years old, her father ordered her to go out and beg for her family’s survival. He yelled, ”Bheekh mangne jaya kar.. tbi tere ghar ka kharcha chalega!”

At school, her father forced her to steal which she hated to the core. The reason she followed all of her father’s orders was that her father had warned her if she didn’t follow him, he would beat up her mother.

With time, the scale of stealing things increased to another level. Earlier she used to steal pens and notebooks which went on to stealing mobile phones. When her school made a complaint to her father, her father encouraged her to do it on an even bigger scale and the girl could not refuse because she wanted to protect her mother.

One day her patience ended. She got into a fight with her father to which her father poured kerosene oil in her eye. One of her eyes got injured badly.

Few days later, her father took her to an old man and forced her to physically satisfy that man. When she refused she was forcefully harassed. The old man said , ”Mene tere baap ko pese die hain”.

Listening to this, all she was left with was utter pain.

For the next few months, she lived with a neighbor. But when her father realized that he needed her to earn money for him he took her back with him. Later, she started working as a servant. Even there the lady of the house used to scare her with stories of her dead son’s ghost and the males of the family tried to physically exploit her.

Then, she ran away from that house and started begging yet again. She always cried a lot as everyone in her neighbourhood yelled at her saying that you are a thief and a beggar.
She used to take her 2 year old brother along with her and begged for her family’s survival.
Her father forced her to get food from school, she wanted to avoid it so she stopped going to school but to satisfy her father she used to bring some rice or food, she found lying on the road. One day, her father tied her in ropes and started to physically abuse her mother.

She suffered a lot and finally decided to run away with her mother and brother. They had no money. She again begged and survived. Then someone suggested them to go to Haridwar for better survival. They boarded a train without tickets to Haridwar but they were caught by RPF in New Delhi.
When the police enquired about them, she told a lie that her father was dead and that is the reason her mother is mentally incapable. Then her mother was admitted to a mental asylum and she was handed over to SOS along with her brother. From there both of the kids were sent to Palana home but she could not continue living there as she had surpassed the age bar of 12 years. Since she wanted to study so CWC handed over her to the Sweet Home, Nazafgarh.
She expressed her wish saying “Main chahti hoon ki main padhu” and prayed to god “Mujhe ek badi bahen de do jo mujhe accha aur galat bata sake”. It got fulfilled when she found Ms. Vandana as her elder sister with whom she could share her feelings and aspirations.

She now understands the real meaning of home. :)

Story 2


I remember when I was just 10 years old, my cousin who is a doctor by profession took me with her and told my mother Rita that she was going to teach me.

Together we came to the national capital, Delhi. When we settled, she told me to learn Hindi language for a year and after that she would apply for my admission. I used to love reading and writing but in Sikkim there were no adequate educational facilities so I came to Delhi with my elder sister in order to explore new possibilities of studying.

With the passage of time, I saw a sudden change in her behavior with me.

We also had a servant who was from Himachal Pradesh. When my sister used to go out for work she used to leave me with the servant at home.

The servant said unacceptable things to me, he often tried to touch me which made me very uncomfortable. When I tried to share this with my sister she refused to believe me. The reason she gave was that she trusted the servant and that he would never do such a thing.

And the worst of all, once he tried to exploit me but I locked up myself in a room and saved myself from his dirty hands.

A year passed. After sometime the servant went back to Himachal. And my sister ordered me to do all the household chores as well as take care of her 5-years old daughter.
She used to say very scary things to me like, I will throw you out of the house, Delhi is an evil place, You may get raped etc.

Out of fear, I did all the work but I used to cry all day and begged her to let me go back to my parents. But everytime she refused saying “tere maa baap mujhse har mahine pese lete hain”.

Once my brother-in-law and I got into a fight. He scolded me for not doing the household chores and my sister slapped me and yelled at me “Mai tujhe yahan islie hi lai hu”. That day I cried a lot.

When they used to go out, they always locked me up inside. One day, they forgot to lock the door. I could never allow such an opportunity to go futile. So without thinking for even a second, I took some money from their drawer and ran away from that place.
I knew nothing about Delhi.”Mujhe nahi pta tha mai kahan jaun!” I asked a rickshawala to drop me to a railway station. He took me to Karol Bagh Station. I sat there with my bag when a policeman came to enquire about my whereabouts. I told him that I came to Delhi with my father from Sikkim but I got lost.”Mene use jhut kaha tha.”

I said so because I thought that he would send me back to Sikkim but on the contrary, he took me to the police station and lodged a complaint in my name.

For a day, I stayed in that very police station with a woman constable.

The next day, they took me to an orphanage called NIRMAL CHAYA but I did not like that ashram so I refused to stay there.

After that, they took me to Sweet Home. Earlier I used to be sad and felt lonely but after my interaction with bhaiya ji (Mr. Avinash Jain) I felt relieved and happier again. I study as much as I want to. I’ve been given lots of love and respect here.

Today, I feel proud to be a part of Sweet Home

“Meri hamesha se ye tamanna thi ki mera bhi birthday manaya jae.. Vo kabhi puri nahi ho saki..
Par aj mai apna birthday Sweet Home me manati hoon.. khushi ka ehsas achaa lagta hai..”

“After listening to this story, a thought came to my mind that for how long this pain and suffering will continue for the innocent childhood that needs nothing but love. We need to take a stand and rise above all the immoral practices that prevail in the society and do something for these unfortunate children.
Moreover, why wait for anything to happen? All of us should make sure that a child feels safe in our society and SANGAM will make all the efforts to achieve the same.”

- Avinash Jain