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Sangam - Slum Visit

Sangam - Slum Visit

“Sangam, a social initiative by Arise India that works towards ‘Child welfare & development’, self employment generation, availability of medical facilities at low costs in India and many other similar endeavours – hosted a brigade of Ground visits on a community initiative at Jhuggi Basti, Goyla Dairy, for the welfare of children residing in slums.

With much enthusiasm post the successful first test run of the ‘Slum visit’ held on December 7th where three kids were restored, this second visit was undertaken to spread a word on educating the residents on ‘Child welfare & development’ and focusing on the importance of sending children to school. Flagged off by local social visionary Pradhan Ji, the initiative covered the entire Jhuggi Basti and engaged in deep talks with the residents.

Consisting of 20-25 volunteers from Sangam who met local residents to understand their problems and issues, while suggesting possible course of action, the initiative focused on developing the upcoming lives of the young children, and offered help to families to provide a better life to these innocent souls.

Mr. Avinash Jain, Founder, President of Sangam said, “Sangam is an initiative that has been working to help elevate the lives of young girl children. It is thus to give them better lives we have initiated the ‘Slum visits’ which reaches out to young children and provides them better life opportunities. We seek to encourage parents to educate their children to make them self-reliant. In this noble initiative I would like to thank Pradhan Ji to have taken time out to encourage the initiative. The coming together of the entire community can in reality help bring greater development to our girl children.”