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Relationship of a Mother and Son

Relationship of a Mother and Son

Relationship of a Mother and Son

9 June, 2014

One of the most pious and emotional relationships that exists in today’s self-centered world is that of a Mother and a Child.

Unfortunately, we only understand the value of relationships once we lose them. The same happened with me, as I understood the value of my mother after I lost her to her illness. She was the closest person to my heart, who cared for me more than anything else in this world.

While she was alive I believed that I was taking good care of her, but, after I lost her I realized that I could have done much more to take care of her. She had health issues and every time I took her to the doctor, they said that there was noting to worry about and I used to feel relieved at hearing that.

Today she is not with me physically but I can still feel her around me day and night, wether I am at office or at home, traveling or just resting. I can feel that she is watching me from somewhere and is always here for me whenever I need her.

These feelings for my mother, made me do better things for another mother of mine – Mother India or Bharat Mata. After losing my mother, I dedicated my entire life to the service of my Nation.

To serve Indians is a service to the nation and I believe that by serving my fellow countrymen I can do a great service to my country. It is in this effort that I have started a project where we go to the slums and help the needy children with sustenance options.

We help girls in finding their own employment options by making them indulge in self employment options of their interest. By doing this we are helping them in becoming self dependent and creating their own space in this male chauvinistic society.

Where a girl grows, the country itself grows and we are doing our best to do so.

About the Author: Mr. Avinash Jain

Relationship of a Mother and Son

Mr. Avinash Jain (Managing Director, Arise India Ltd) has been awarded 'Pride of the Country' and 'Bharat Ratna Human Rights' awards. He has made it his life's mission to improve the conditions of young orphaned children using his initiatives in Sangam.