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Founder Message

Founder Message

Founder Message

“Kutumbaka Jeewanah”, an ancient Sanskrit saying encompasses the importance of having a family, equating family to life itself. While we are fortunate to have a loving family by our side at every step, spare a thought for those unfortunate little ones who have been torn apart from their families because of some ill-fated happenings.

What they feel when they do not find their loved ones near them to share their lives, or what they go through when they see other kids being pampered by their families is hard to even imagine for us. It is thus to share their pain and give them a fraction of happiness that we at Arise founded the ‘Sweet Home’ initiative. This initiative has for the past 15 years taken care of the needs and desires of small children who do not have parents and have been handed over to us by the concerned government authorities.

Although we cannot take the position of their parents, but we have been since getting them into our families tried to lessen the pain by becoming their family and nurturing them for their overall mental as well as physical development. While these innocent children need nothing much more than love, we have come across such heart-weeping stories that we ponder that for how long will these children have to face these pain and mental anguish. It is thus that we have decided to do something about it and give unbound love, care and affection to these kids that will groom them to become good individuals.

Today India needs good individuals who can take the country back to its golden days, and it is our duty to groom our children to become such individuals. I feel bad when I see the youth of the country disillusioned and without any future. I personally feel that the youth is the greatest strength of the country and thus the youth should be empowered to become the country’s biggest asset.

It pains me when I see disillusioned youngsters, and one question that pricks me is that what future do these individuals have? How will they lead a happy life, and contribute in nation-building is a thought that keeps me awake every night. Thus I have decided to do something for it because it is really easy to criticize problems but it takes a lot of heart to do something about it. I have decided to develop the skills of the youth and enable them to create self-employment opportunities that will lead them to a happy and content life.

Another big concern which I experienced first-hand recently was the state of Indian medical facilities which I believe has to do a lot to reach international level. With a wrongly diagnosed ailment and negligence, a small ailment of mine became a huge health risk that led me to minutely understand that not all is right with the Indian healthcare facility. Although we can boast of one of the biggest medical practitioner force in the world, but we still lack basic medical knowledge that hampers our growth. Today there is an urgent need for a well-integrated system in the medical sector which is affordable and cheap. This will enable the correct utilization of our huge medical talent and will help take focused medical attention to every individual in the country.

All these events have thus inspired me to go out and do something for the country and enable it to regain its much regarded position in the world. I believe that the means are there to progress India, but the intent is missing. I wish to infuse that intent in my fellow citizens which encourages them to give their best to forward India’s worth across the world. It is under this vision that I have introduced an awareness program called Sangam, the scope of which will be spread out to working towards three important endeavours - Girl Child Care and Development, Inspiring Entrepreneurship and Transformation of India into a Medical Hub.

In this program which is very dear to my heart, we intend to provide a helping hand to budding entrepreneurs for engaging in domestic production in ways that they can create avenues of self employment with our knowledge support. We also seek to provide whole-hearted support to those organizations/social workers which/ who are contributing their best in the field of girl child care and development, thus creating better holistic environment for them. We through Sangam also seek to initiate a thought process towards increasing the availability of cost-efficient path labs for accurate and low cost diagnosis and set up hospitals which provide world-class services at minimal charges.

I believe that the service to society is the service to nation, and my efforts if not creates a revolution can at least develop an awareness in the society. This awareness creation is all that I look forward to which I intend to develop with your support. Today, the need of the hour is to take a stand and collectively rise above all the impediments in front of us and do something that makes our Motherland the world’s most prosperous nation.

Moreover, I believe why to wait for someone to bring a change? As Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore once said, “Jodi Tor Daak Shune Keu Naa Aashe, Tobe Aekhla Cholo Re” (If nobody comes to your support after listening to your call, then walk forward alone), I believe in starting the awareness and rest will follow. All of us should make sure that everyone feels proud to be citizens of India and our society therefore, we along with Sangam will make all out efforts to achieve the same.

Founder Message
Avinash Jain
(Founder President, Sangam MD, Arise India Ltd)