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Sangam - Child Development and Welfare Organization in IndiaGirl Child is the starting point of HUMANITY. But sadly today, more than 2 crore girls are robbed off their basic rights. Sangam is working towards this cause to get these girls what they deserve. Sangam through its volunteers is reaching deep and far of the society. The volunteers of SANGAM are reaching door-to-door to encourage and educate parents about the necessity education for their girl child. Sangam teaches them about the government aided programmes like ‘Ladli Yojna’ , ‘Kanyadan’ , free meals at school etc. to spread awareness and increase their interest in education. The orphan girls, with help of CWC are taken to Children Homes. Besides this, the volunteers collect clothes and other materials from the donors and distribute at the slums. Our website is the single platform for information related to such children and 1100 ashrams. You may also visit them to give them a helping hand. Let’s be a part of an endeavour to build a better society.


Sangam - Child Development and Welfare Organization in IndiaIndia has a capacity to yield a massive number of talented doctors, a target that is hard to achieve for more than 150 countries. In India, a path lab (with MRI Facility) costs around 12 crores as we have to import the facility. But if, esteemed institutions like the DRDO and IITs perform R&D on this subject successfully, we can attain the same in approximately 3 crores. A dedicated team from Sangam is working in this direction to conduct R&D to manufacture the required equipments in the country which will dramatically decrease the cost related to medical treatments by 90%. This will result in increase in medical tourism for the country. People from other countries will start coming to avail the medical facilities, which were not possible earlier due to high medical costs. This will lead to almost 100 times increase in the number of people coming to India. As a result, India will emerge as a Medical Hub in the global scenario. Up to 6000 hospital-hotels of different categories need to be established for this purpose which will also benefit India’ s Hospitality Industry. This will generate employment for more than 3 crore youngsters. Besides, there will be an increase in numbers of hostels, hotels, transportation, construction and equipment manufacturing units, thus creating a prosperous India.


Sangam - Child Development and Welfare Organization in IndiaTo establish industries in India which can manufacture gooda at competitive or lesser price compared to other neighbouring countries. Together we can find the solution to the sources of raw materials, finance and procedures, Sangam and ARISE are extending a helping hand towards many entrepreneurs in establishing such factories. The goods which we import from other countries will now be manufactured domestically, which in turn, will increase the availability of good products at cheaper prices and we intend to export it as well. Need of the hour is to instigate production escalation and to undertake industrial and economic development.