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How to connect with us

How to connect with us


How to become a member?

Any person who wishes to be a part of Sangam needs to visit the website, fill a simple membership form and become a member free of cost. That person will be provided with a unique reference ID.

When any member is able to convince any other person to join, then the new person who is joining as a member has to give the reference ID of the member who has convinced him/her in the registration form. If the reference ID is not provided then the registration form of that person may not get accepted.

By means of this, a member chain is formed and through provision of reference ID it becomes easier to keep a track of all the member chains.

Member's Involvement

Sangam only demands involvement from their members.
For instance, a member who works in a cloth manufacturing company can extend his/her help by convincing the owner of the company to give the left out or defected clothing material or some old furniture as donations in the children homes falling in their vicinity where it can be judiciously utilised rather than throwing it away as wastes.
Similarly, for other members working in any kind of manufacturing/service firms.

By Reaching nearby Children Homes:

People can help whenever they want to. All they have to do is go to a nearby Children home, Sangam Information Centre or visit the Sangam Website.

By helping Needy Children:

If anyone finds any orphan or a child in distress in their vicinity then, they can produce that child to closest Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Sangam Information centre or Children home (address of which can be known from the Sangam website).

The following conditions apply:

a. The found child has to be produced before CWC before sending him/her to any children home.

b. If the child directly goes to a children home then that children home has to make sure that the respective child is produced before CWC within 24 hours of his/her arrival excluding the time taken for travelling.

By Corporate CSR Funding:

Companies can also contribute a part of their CSR funds to help these children homes. While many companies have corporate funding in their activities, they can donate their bit to help improve the life of these needy children.

By Donating through Mobile Service:

Sangam also operates a Van Service to reach out to the door steps of donors for collection of valuable donations, and then take it across various homes or organisations to distribute collected items as per the requirements of various organizations.