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How the new government can help build new manufacturing processes

How the new government can help build new manufacturing processes

How the new government can help build new manufacturing processes

Bringing with it new promises and new aspirations, the NDA Government can boost up new factory set ups through various policies. This will help build up critical manufacturing processes for the country, and can help the development of the country.

By increasing the level of factory units, a time will come when there won’t be any need of subsidies. Tax-Free Zones and Special Economic Zones should be favoured but care should be taken to not set them up in faraway places. Political ambitions should be kept apart, as there is no point bothering the whole industry for the sake of benefitting one state or community.

For factory setups, city boundaries should be extended further by 50-100 Kms, which will aid in greater infrastructure & residence setups. Also by connecting cities through bullet trains, one can ensure prosperity and progress. Apart from helping the industry grow, this will also help in building homes that will benefit one and all. Aiming for an all-round growth of the economy, the introduction of bullet trains will cut down travelling costs between cities to 20 to 30 minutes instead of 2-3 hours, which will thus leave people with more time to spend with their near & dear ones.

This progress will also help saving critical petrol & diesel reserves as by using local transport people will not have to be dependent on cars that will reduce jams, wastage of time and irritation amongst people.

Today, unfortunately the rate of property is high, which should be less, which has made people choose the buying & selling of property as a lucrative business. These people who only invest in property are detrimental to society. Basic land should be low or cost and high on utility which should be given out for development to properties like hotels or malls.

In my opinion the land rates are exorbitant, and should ideally be not more than 1000-2000 per square yard in outside city limits, and 3000-5000 within city limits. Also the fact that I advocate the doing away of subsidies as it is detrimental to economic growth. With so many malpractices in the sector, the government should think about giving away the lands to entrepreneurs directly. This will encourage them to keep the land with themselves and develop it for business. For smaller businessmen the idea is to join forces and start ventures. This will encourage positive development in the country and will enable entrepreneurs to help in nation building. For pertinent nation-building the government needs to come up with opportunities and people should explore these opportunities to work for a better nation.

It is only through increased production by entrepreneurs that we can make our country a peaceful and successful nation. In my opinion, land is a source which should be available for free to those who want to work. This is how we can develop the nation and can contribute towards greater nation building.

About the Author: Mr. Avinash Jain

How the new government can help build new manufacturing processes

Mr. Avinash Jain (Managing Director, Arise India Ltd) has been awarded 'Pride of the Country' and 'Bharat Ratna Human Rights' awards. He has made it his life's mission to improve the conditions of young orphaned children using his initiatives in Sangam.