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Have the Policies done Enough for Womankind?

Have the Policies done Enough for Womankind?

Have the Policies done Enough for Womankind?

May 31, 2014

“No society can ever be balanced where, the birth of a girl child is unwelcome; where no mother can imagine equal future for her daughter and son. No society can ever be happy and flourishing, of which the far greater part of the girls are poor, miserable and devoid of rights. No society can ever be growing where, there may be the right of Equality, but, when it comes to a girl`s rights, no power on earth can prove it.”

Before, I take the discussion further, I would like to urge you that you should continue reading this article only if you can think differently, look at things from a different perspective and are revolutionizing from within against injustice.

As we all know that there have been a number of movements or campaigns to protect the girl child against the anomalous. I think, we are trying to protect them from us (humans), because ultimately these are humans, who hurt or cause death to the most beautiful creation of God, the girl child.

In my last article, I asked one question, ‘why there arose the need for the security of females and against whom are they supposed to be protected?’ I guess the answer is very clear to my readers, that it is no alien power but, us, who are threat for women or girls.

Allow me to tell you a real life incident from the rural areas of Haryana state; I believe it will help my readers in deciding how far these campaigns or policies have protected women and how far the human race has turned into a threat against itself.

The story starts with the death of a mother who passed away silently under unknown circumstances, leaving her sweet and innocent daughter, son and her husband behind. Before, I proceed; I would like to mention here that unfortunately, there is no policy or program that can help a girl protect herself within the boundaries of her own house. Well! The girl was soon troubled and harassed by her own father; and the things worsened up as she grew up. Now, not mentioning more about the meanness of this inhuman and indecent act of harassment of a daughter by her own father, I would like to discuss more about what has been done and what really needs to be done.

Well! I firmly believe that there is no use of beating around the bush in different ways and playing the blame games against each other; rather we must admit that we, humans have to first of all change our own selves, our own point of view when we think about a girl. I know people who consider woman, nothing, but a thing for pleasure, such people have to change their perception for woman and consider her equal importance for the existence of the human race.

Above all, if girls/women will make themselves potent and strong enough to fight against or respond back, I believe no power can dare to bother them unnecessarily. If the parents stop thinking that their daughters will get married and leave them after their marriage, before spending on the education of their daughters, the girls can become more independent.

All in all I want to say that it is our perception, our thought that needs to be changed in a good way and if we are successful in doing so; believe me, there will be no need of any policy, any need of security, or any campaign.

But, if we could not, then no power in this universe can help girls/women dwell and live happily and safely in this world. They will remain unsafe anywhere and everywhere, from each one and everyone.

So, let us uplift ourselves from the narrow boundary of our thoughts and perspective!

I believe, we can do iT....

About the Author: Mr. Avinash Jain

Have the Policies done Enough for Womankind?

Mr. Avinash Jain (Managing Director, Arise India Ltd) has been awarded 'Pride of the Country' and 'Bharat Ratna Human Rights' awards. He has made it his life's mission to improve the conditions of young orphaned children using his initiatives in Sangam.