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  • Q1. Why should I join Sangam?

    Ans. ‘Sangam’ is your one big chance to give back to the society in a humble way. Here you can lend a helping hand in improving the living standard of some unfortunate children who are either orphans or have been abandoned by their families and are now living in several orphanages/children homes.

  • Q2. What is the primary objective of Sangam?

    Ans. The core idea behind Sangam is to:

    FAQsSpread awareness in the society regarding Child Development and Welfare
    FAQsMotivate people to become public spirited citizens

  • Q3. Who has started Sangam?

    Ans. Sangam is the brainchild of Mr. Avinash Jain (Managing Director, Arise India Limited) who has portrayed himself as a godfather to many young lives residing in several orphanages and children homes for more than a decade now.

  • Q4. How will Sangam spread awareness?

    Ans. Sangam will spread awareness by means of

    FAQsSangam magazine: which will be published and circulated all over India. Around 45 centres have been chosen as radii for the distribution of this magazine which covers an area of 80-100 kilometres around it. Each radii will be having its own Sangam magazine which will include the information regarding different children homes falling in that vicinity.
    FAQsOnline portals (Social Media): such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Articles, campaigns and social initiatives will be posted on the above mentioned social media.

  • Q5. To whom will Sangam provide assistance?

    Ans. Sangam provides a helping hand to the following:

    FAQsOrphans residing in various children homes
    FAQsPoor/ needy children
    FAQsChildren homes (help in terms of workshops imparting legal knowledge; financial assistance; infrastructure development and so on)

  • Q6. How do I become a member?

    Ans. By filling up a simple membership form available at the following link (http://www.sangam.org.in/become-a-member.html). After registration, you will be provided with a unique reference ID via an SMS and a corresponding mail on your registered Email ID. This will authenticate you as a SANGAM member.

  • Q7. What is the membership fee?

    Ans. To become a member of Sangam costs you nothing- Membership is absolutely free without any obligations or liabilities. Sangam calls for your involvement for the cause in terms of spreading awareness amidst your network of friends, family and relatives to make India- a nation where every child feels safe and secure.

  • Q8. How is Sangam different from the other Childcare and Development Programmes?

    Ans. ‘Sangam’ is unique in itself for the very reason that it does not demand a compulsory monetary help from your end. All it wants is your ‘involvement’ in this initiative towards the betterment of society.

  • Q9. What is the Membership Chain?

    Ans. The reference ID provided to a person at the time of registration will help him/her in making MEMBERSHIP CHAINS. When a member is able to convince another person to join the Sangam initiative, then the new person who is joining as a member has to give the reference ID of the member who has convinced him/her for registration.
    A membership chain is hence formed.

  • Q10. What are the benefits of making membership chains?

    Ans. After a member convinces any 10 people to join, he/she becomes a SANGAM STAR and if a member is able to convince 100 people to join, he/she will be felicitated with the title of a SANGAM SUPERSTAR. Being a Sangam SUPERSTAR entails several benefits in itself.
    The varying benefits will be communicated by us as appropriate, to the members who qualify as the SANGAM SUPERSTAR.

  • Q11. How do I make donations?

    Ans. If you want to make a donation, please visit the following link (http://www.sangam.org.in/ashrams.html). This link will provide you with necessary information regarding various children homes falling in your vicinity. You can make donations to any of the children homes (mentioned in the link) in whichever way you want.

  • Q12. How can I extend my help other than making cash donations?

    Ans. Detailed information regarding this has been provided on the following link: http://www.sangam.org.in/how-to-connect-with-us.html