Dropout rate remains high among girls in Delhi

Government schemes and programmes designed to help girls continue in school aren't working. At the primary level, the number of girls per 1,000 boys has fallen from 881 in 2010-11 to 867 in 2013-14. At the secondary school level, it has fallen from 859 in 2010-11 to 840 in 2013-14. Only scheduled caste (SC) students have a healthy ratio—in the 900s or even more than 1,000—at middle, secondary and senior-secondary levels.

Better not be greedy, as it is the death before death

A famous saying goes, “We die only once, but die of greed numerous times”.

One of the most pervasive vices of life, Greed affects every one of us. For some it is the greed of money, for others it is the greed of power, and for some others it is the greed of other material things.

How the new government can help build new manufacturing processes

Bringing with it new promises and new aspirations, the NDA Government can boost up new factory set ups through various policies. This will help build up critical manufacturing processes for the country, and can help the development of the country.


The world today is competitive and in turmoil, but if a person finds Peace in himself, it all becomes serene.

An internal equilibrium has to be achieved to ease your mind, body and soul. It all comes from within you. When a person is able to figure out solutions for his problems, it is the time he finds himself at peace. The fact to be realised is that all may not happen the way you want but there is definitely a rather good reason behind it not happening.

The Outcome of the Elections

16 June, 2014

Looking at the recent election results, many new observations have come to the fore. Today’s elections are not like the elections as there used to be earlier, and with a new wave of aspirations, new ideas have also come up. Here are some observations collated from the recent happenings in the Indian political system:

Relationship of a Mother and Son

9 June, 2014

One of the most pious and emotional relationships that exists in today’s self-centered world is that of a Mother and a Child.

Unfortunately, we only understand the value of relationships once we lose them. The same happened with me, as I understood the value of my mother after I lost her to her illness. She was the closest person to my heart, who cared for me more than anything else in this world.

Unanswered Questions Of A Girl

31 May, 2014

“Feel for the feelings of a girl child, as she too has a beating heart and is made of blood and flesh not of bricks and stones!”

The so called modern world facing ahead towards growth in terms of technology, in terms of innovation and in terms of written policies. If I ask, ‘Is there a policy made for the rights of a girl child?’ Yes, the answer would be, there are a hell lot of policies generated on papers every second month. But, I would rather like to ask from my readers how many of these policies are really incorporated in the real world. In other words virtual world is different from the real world.

Have the Policies done Enough for Womankind?

31 May, 2014

“No society can ever be balanced where, the birth of a girl child is unwelcome; where no mother can imagine equal future for her daughter and son. No society can ever be happy and flourishing, of which the far greater part of the girls are poor, miserable and devoid of rights. No society can ever be growing where, there may be the right of Equality, but, when it comes to a girl`s rights, no power on earth can prove it.”